Recognizing Outstanding and Dedicated PT Professionals

2019 Conference Award Winners

The Mercedes Weiss Service Award - given to honor members who have contributed in several significant areas to the profession of physical therapy at large. Winner - Deborah Jones

Presenter Katie Farrell, winner Deborah Jones, and OPTA President Christina Howard


The Distinguished Service Award - given to someone who has made a significant impact in furthering the goals of the OPTA through their service. Winner - Susan Bamburger

OPTA President Christina Howard, winner Susan Bamburger, presenter Chris Murphy


The Ricci Susick Advocacy Award - established to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution in the areas of advocacy and mentorship, furthering the physical therapy profession both locally and nationally. Winner - Susan Reynolds

 Winner Susan Reynolds and presenter/OPTA President Christina Howard


Regional Awards:

OPTA President Christina Howard, Portland-area Regional Award winner Nora Stern, presenter Bill Rubine


OPTA President Christina Howard, Central Oregon Regional Award winner Lisa Flexner, presenter Tasha MacIlveen


OPTA President Christina Howard, Northwest Regional Award winner Sharna Prasad, presenter Stacy Mosbrucker


Not pictured: Naomi Chalew, Southwest Regional Award winner