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OPTA offers members right-sized options for networking, leadership, service, and building community.  Whether it's PT Night-Out, advancing committee work, or professional development, OPTA has opportunities for you to build advocacy, physical therapy value, and action.

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OPTA Committees

Cultural & Minority Affairs Committee
Works toward increasing cultural responsiveness and the thoughtful engagement of minority status individuals in physical therapy through professional and community education, outreach, and advocacy.
Looking for someone who is:
Socially minded, collaborative, resourceful, and committed to serving all underrepresented communities.
Talina Corvus, Chair 

Education Committee
Develops and coordinates speakers and topics of continuing education for OPTA’s Annual Conference, workshops and other CE programs. Monitors Oregon PT Licensing Board policies on continued competence.
Looking for someone who is:
Curious, adult learner, committed to evidence-based practice, willing to reach out to clinical leaders to recruit speakers
Stephanie Rogers, Chair 

Ethics Committee
Advises, educates, and provides consultation regarding concerns about the professional conduct of members. Makes recommendations to the OPTA Board of Directors regarding ethical concerns.
Looking for someone who is:
Fair, trustworthy, respectful, open-minded
Currently seeking Chair. Will provide training. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Finance Committee
Advises the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the association's financial needs, growth, and stability based on periodic review of income, expenditure, and investments. Presents an annual budget to the Board of Directors. The committee is the point of contact and meets at least annually with the Association’s independent auditors to discuss the annual audit. The committee advises the Board of Directors of any irregularities or material findings that arise from the independent audit or other sources.
Looking for someone who is:
Organized, assertive, connected, persistent, encouraging
Ashley Berry, Chair 

Government Affairs Committee
Meets monthly to discuss federal and state policy initiatives which impact physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and our patients. Develops advocacy strategies to work with regulators, policy makers, and legislators on behalf of our members and their patients.
Looking for someone who is:
Committed, interested in policy and payment issues, interested in learning about government processes
Chris Murphy, Chair  

Membership Committee
Drives member engagement efforts and recruits new members into the OPTA and APTA. Coordinates PT Night Out, PT Day of Service, and Annual Membership Drive, among other member engagement activities.
Looking for someone who is:
People-centered, friendly, passionate, energetic
Colbie Jorgensen, Chair 

Newsletter (PT Log) Committee
Publishes a monthly newsletter by developing content that is relevant and current to the membership on physical therapy and other relevant issues. Develops and coordinates style and design issues with the publication. Assists in advertising promotion and sales.
Looking for someone who is:
Creative, ambitious, constructive, determined, enthusiastic and resourceful
Brian Wilkinson, PT Log Editor

Nominating Committee
Networks with OPTA members to match skills and interests to elected and appointed leadership positions within the organization. Presents a slate of candidates prior to fall elections. Helps coordinate the announcement of election results to the membership. Drives leadership development efforts for OPTA.
Looking for someone who is:
Organized, assertive, connected, persistent, encouraging
Sukhee So, Chair 

Chairs the Payment subcommittee and works with the Government Affairs Committee to address payment concerns; attends APTA State Payment and Policy Meetings and payment chair conference calls; works with APTA staff to relay member concerns regarding national payment issues.
Looking for someone who is:
Committed, passionate, engaged, advocate
Jeremiah Moore, Chair 

Public Relations Committee
Helps promote physical therapy to all Oregonians through public events and strategic partnerships with other organizations. Serves as media contact when appropriate.
Looking for someone who is:
Self-confident, energetic, assertive, advocate, a networker
Currently seeking Chair. Will provide training. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Student Leadership Committee
Fosters interaction between the OPTA, SPTs and SPTAs throughout Oregon. Represents the interests of students in Oregon and provides an opportunity for leadership development and professional engagement.
Looking for students who are:
Passionate, engaged, creative and energetic
Peter Cain  


OPTA Workgroups

Awards Workgroup
New workgroup who will be brainstorming, evaluating and implementing a new strategy for recognizing members of the OPTA and APTA, as well as other stakeholders involved with the OPTA on different levels.
Looking for someone who is:
Passionate about coming up with creative ways to highlight and recognize a wide variety of members and other stakeholders who are involved in the OPTA, willing to do research on existing awards programs, enjoys group collaboration, willing to take on individual tasks as needed.
Carol-Ann Nelson, Vice President 

Dry Needling Work Group
Charged with reviewing the topic of dry needling in Oregon and making recommendations to the Board of Directors. Building a grassroots network to advocate for change in the statute to explicitly state that dry needling is within the scope of the physical therapist.
Looking for someone who is:
Subject matter expert on dry needling, determined, persistent, details, persuasive
Sarah Stuhr, Chair 

Social Media Workgroup
Maximizes the online social presence for OPTA. Helps communicate initiatives and interact with members and other stakeholders who engage with OPTA on social media.
Looking for someone who is:
Tech savvy, innovative, positive, energetic, connected
Andre Chavez, Workgroup Lead 

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