APTA Oregon Announces
Our Centennial Celebration Series

Hear from some Oregon members, all with varied experiences and perspectives in our association and profession, as they reflect on where we’ve come from and look forward to where we are going. 

Topics to include:

  • Electronic Medical Records and Physical Therapy – Jerry Henderson, PT
  • Oldest Physical Therapy Education Program in Oregon – Lynn Lippert, PT
  • PTAs in Leadership – Stacy Mosbrucker, PTA
  • Service in the Association – Michael Pagliarulo, PT
  • Longest PTA Membership – Brian Prokop, PTA
  • Physical Therapy and Pro Bono Services – Jose Reyna, PT
  • PTA Perspective in the Clinic – Cliff Stanford, PTA
  • Advocating for Physical Therapy – Ricci Susick, PT
  • The Impact of Health Promotion and Wellness on Physical Therapy – Daniel Kang, PT
  • The 11 Star Physical Therapy Experience – Keaton Ray, PT
  • The Future of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy – Beth Ann Thorpe, PTA

Check back here throughout the year for newly posted interviews!

Centennial Celebration Video Series

Our latest interview in the Centennial Series is with Stacy Mosbrucker, PTA. Stacy has been involved with chapter leadership for many years, beginning while she was a student.  She has represented PTAs at the chapter and national levels, been on the chapter Board of Directors, and worked with many chapter committees.  Stacy is talking with Michelle Spindler, SPTA, a second year student from Lane Community College. (By the time you see this, Michelle will have graduated and taken her licensure exam!)  


Moving forward in our Centennial Celebration interview series, this month we will hear from Ricci Susick, PT.  Ricci has a long and prestigious history of advocacy for our profession and our patients.  She has worked on our behalf in Salem, Washington, DC, and in her many roles in Oregon chapter leadership.  Ricci will be talking with Gavin McBride, SPT.  Gavin is a third year student at George Fox University.


This month in our Centennial Celebration interview series we will be hearing from Brian Prokop, PTA.  Brian has the distinction of having the longest continuous PTA membership in APTA OR.  Brian’s dedication to the profession and commitment the PT/PTA team are inspiring.  Brian will be sharing his PTA journey with Ann Marie Hallwyler, SPTA.  Ann Marie is a first year student at Lane Community College.


In this installment of our Centennial Celebration interview series, we’ll hear from Jerry Henderson, PT.  Jerry has been a PT for over 40 years, working in multiple setting types.  He has owned and practiced in a number of out-patient private practice clinics.  Today Jerry will be talking about his early efforts in the work of electronic medical records for physical therapy.  He will be interviewed by Sara Tomlinson, SPT.  Sara is a second year student at Pacific University.


Our next video was conducted by Rachel Rodriguez, SPTA, a second year student at Mt. Hood Community College. It features Cliff Stanford, a PTA who has worked in outpatient orthopedics for many years. He has also influenced many students through his work as a clinical instructor. In this interview, Cliff speaks about the importance of communication in a PT-PTA team and the way the PTA is an extension of the PT. Through teamwork and continuing education and improvement in clinical care, the PT-PTA team provides the best results for each patient/client.

Our first video in the series comes from Madelyn Foulk, SPT, a first year  student at Pacific University.  She spoke with Michael Pagliarulo, PT, who has a wide variety of experiences as a therapist, educator, and author.  He also has a long and distinguished role in our Association, at the state and national levels.  Michael first became a "governance junkie" by attending the House of Delegates as a New York Delegate nearly 30 years ago, and he has not missed a House since.