Practice Ethics

The Oregon Physical Therapy Association is committed to ethical practice and to ensuring professional growth within an ethical framework. OPTA’s Ethics Committee fosters a collaborative environment of communication with the Oregon Physical Therapist Licensing Board and with OPTA members. The OPTA ethics committee functions as a resource for clinicians regarding ethical practice for the betterment of our patients. Physical therapists or physical therapist assistants who have a question about ethics or an ethical situation should contact the OPTA ethics committee chair at [email protected].

This APTA web page includes articles on ethical topics. The primary reference for ethics is the APTA Guide for Professional Conduct and the Code of Ethics.

In addition to investigating allegations of ethical misconduct, the OPTA Ethical Committee promotes ethics, and discussions about ethics, by educating members through articles in the LOG and continuing education programming. Members who are interested in ethics or who wish to present on a topic related to ethics at an OPTA event or who are interested in joining the ethics committee are encouraged to contact the committee chair at [email protected] for details.