2019 Fall Workshop

September 28, 2019

Oregon Medical Education Foundation Event Center (OMEF)
11740 SW 68th Parkway, Ste 100 | Portland, OR 97223
Earn up to 3.5 Credit Hours

Here some highlights from the 2019 Fall Workshop

Please join the conversation on these important topics: 

"Utilization Management... Why is it Here and What Can We Do About It?"
--Chris Murphy, PT

Do you find yourself spending more time on administrative paperwork each month? Join us for the topic all health care providers love to hate - prior authorization, utilization management, and the administrative burden therein. We’ll discuss the factors that have led to the proliferation of utilization management programs in health care and why legislative efforts to address this burden are so challenging. But, don’t despair, there’s a better option to measure value and we’ll outline a roadmap towards that effort.


"Beyond 'Cultural Competency': Why the Traditional Model Isn't Enough"
--OPTA Cultural and Minorities Affairs Committee

Cultural competency training has become common in workplace and academic institutions, but how well does that training translate into practice? The idea that a person could, or would, become competent in another person’s race or culture through a training session is unlikely and culturally insensitive. This workshop will move beyond the classic framework to explore where trainings such as these stop short of being able to effect change and discuss ways to develop skills for practicing equity and inclusion in a profession that demands our ability to work in a culturally diverse environment. This workshop will expose participants to new perspectives on increasing cultural competency that focus on skill and knowledge development to address social inequities.


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Calling all PTAs and SPTAs!

We are gearing up for our OPTA Fall Conference and are looking for any and all PTAs (members and non-members) ready to participate! This year, there will be a one and a half hour presentation and open discussion lead by PTA Caucus Chief Delegate David Harris, MBA, PTA. This time will focus on the leaders you are, the leaders you can become and opportunities available to you in the profession. There will be time allotted to discuss barriers, successes, general networking and an opportunity to help build new pathways in OPTA for PTAs. You won’t want to miss this amazing chance to connect with other PTAs from across Oregon.

Let’s celebrate!

PTAs turned 50 this year! The changing landscape of healthcare over the years, and PTA’s steady support has made them an integral part of this profession. This is something to celebrate! Join us for a networking opportunity during the lunch hour at the Fall Conference and take a look at the history of the PTA. We will be embracing all those working hard to continue to advance our profession and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are looking for photos of PTAs in leadership positions, working in the clinic, being involved in the community or those that have 20+ years of experience or OPTA membership! PTs and PTAs, send your photos of outstanding PTAs to [email protected]. Please attach the name of the PTA and any special information you would like to provide. We will share these photos at our celebration!