Membership Committee

June, 2019

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a quick update on what we have been doing in the membership committee.

Our members are so important to the OPTA and to the physical therapy profession. OPTA is here to serve its members and we know that in order to change, innovate, and progress our profession we need to have as many engaged members as possible.

That is why each year we do our membership drive. We take a day to contact everyone who has been a member in the last year but has not renewed their membership for another year. We encourage them to rejoin the ranks at OPTA, address any concerns they have, and thank them for their past membership. This year we were able to contact more than 150 people.

If you are a member: Thank You for being here. We need your passion, enthusiasm, and drive. To help move our profession forward, and to ultimately better serve our patients which is why we are all here in the fist place.

The OPTA has many ways to get involved; one of the newest opportunities is our member led initiatives grant program. If you have a project or program that seeks to serve your community, profession, or patients, then the OPTA wants to support you. They are awarding grants from $500-$5000. Please go take a look here.

Our next big event is coming up in October, and it is called ‘PT Day of Service.’ This is a day when physical therapy professionals around the country get together and participate in service within their communities. Last year, we had more than 30 people come out and serve the homeless community in Portland. It was an amazing experience! Lets get even more people this year. Click here and look for a service project near you.

Again, thank you all so much for your service to our profession.

Colbie Jorgensen, Membership Chair

 The Membership Committee has three major annual events that could always use your energy and support:

  • March - Annual conference
  • May - Membership drive
  • October - PT Day of Service
Learn more about how a few hours and your skills can make these events to develop our membership to be even more successful!

Upcoming Events: 

May – Membership Drive and Phone-a-Thon May 9th 2019

  • Duties
    • Organize volunteers to either call or text fellow members to remind them their membership has lapsed and ask them if they will renew
      • Develop/update scripts for what to say to members during calls or texts
    • Emphasize the benefits of membership in the weeks leading up to the conference
      • Social media posts
      • E-mail blasts
      • Newsletter
  • Needs:
    • 1-2 people to help organize volunteers
    • 1-2 people to help with developing scripts/info for calls
    • 1-2 people to post on social media

October – PT Day of Service Weekend of October 13th 2019

  • Duties
    • Choose a service project and set it up
    • Get Volunteers for the event
    • Assist other PTDOS ambassadors with their projects throughout the state
      • Ideas for projects
      • Market the different projects to OPTA members
    • Market the event on social media – e-mail – etc.
  • Needs: 
    • 1-2 people to help organize volunteers
    • 1-2 people to help with PTNO event planning
    • 1-2 people to post on social media
Please contact Colbie Jorgensen if you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities!

Membership Committee Drives member engagement efforts and recruits new members into the OPTA and APTA. Coordinates PT Night Out, PT Day of Service, and Annual Membership Drive, among other member engagement activities.

Looking for committee members who are: People-centered, friendly, passionate, energetic.

Contact: Colbie Jorgensen, Chair