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2019 APTA House of Delegates Experience
Ryann Lewis, SPT

I had the honor of being awarded a great opportunity to travel to Chicago with the Oregon Delegation to attend the 2019 APTA House of Delegates meeting. It was explained to me repeatedly that this meeting was different from years previous due to the sheer volume of motions to be discussed and organizational revamping with round table discussions. Normally, there are approximately twenty-five motions and this year there were seventy! I had the opportunity to join in on one of the round table discussion as note taker for an Oregon crafted motion related to a joint core values document for the PT and PTA.

Besides taking part in the round table discussions and crafting a summary, I was able to attend the House of Delegates (HOD) meeting in the gallery with others of the delegation and the PTA student nominee, Emily Barron. During the HOD, opposing positions were heard on the majority of motions that did not make it on to the consent calendar. It was refreshing to hear constructive debate and varying points of view. Some of the most discussed debated topics were the motions relating to levels of supervision, opposition to physician owned services, and the public health crisis of firearms‐related injuries and deaths. All motions discussed had a goal of adopting new language to allow for clearer and more updated verbiage that will assist in guiding future legislative advocacy.

As a student, this meeting showed me the big picture scope of outward focus that the APTA has as an association of healthcare providers and how we have affected the mission statement to “improve the human experience.” There were motions that addressed numerous aspects of patient centered care, not just in the clinic, but as well with multifaceted focuses for community, national multidisciplinary healthcare, access to services among others. Motion discussions and debate where not just to support, charge, or to rescind topics that applied to just on entity of physical therapy. The focus was on physical therapy practice as a whole for private practice, acute care, emergency departments, and privately-owned PT clinics.

One such motion was the one I mentioned earlier, crafted by Oregon, was the joint core values document for the PT and PTA. The chief delegate for Oregon, Michael Pagliarulo, stated to the opposition that it was the “right motion at the right time in a different era” where it is a service to society to construct this singular document to show a unified front so that it applies universally to all members of the association and not exclusive to the PT. The PTA caucus stated in support that this motion is a “pillar that will support and guide the future success” of each member and nonmember, saying “we all represent physical therapy.” The student caucus chief delegate, Kate Zenker, also spoke eloquently in support saying that the document would inspire actions at every level and all members of the profession. However, the Florida delegation spoke in opposition of the motion due to the need for delineation of core values verses behaviors of the PT and PTA. They agreed with the shared set of values but attempting to perfect the language to discuss more next year to address the behavioral terms. In the end the motion as written was passed with a silent majority in the house much to the delight of Oregon and all of the motion’s co-sponsors!

There was so much information discussed that it was a whirlwind to take in for a first timer, but I enjoyed every second of it. This event showed me what we as a unified profession can do to encourage change and advocate for legislation that will affect members and nonmembers. This meeting inspired me to continue my involvement within the APTA and seek leadership opportunities to continue the forward progress that has been made. I want to thank everyone in the Oregon delegation for their support, patience, inclusion, and encouragement. As OPTA PTA Representative Jeannie Thompson encouraged me to apply for this opportunity, I would love to encourage my other fellow classmates to say ‘yes’ and see where these opportunities may take you.

OPTA at the 2019 House of Delegates in Chicago!

OPTA's members are working hard at the House of Delegates!  IPTA 50th Anniversary is a highlight this year.


 Oregon Crew at HOD


Oregon PTA's

PTA is 50!


OPTA Member Tabitha Galindo Receives the Mary McMillan Scholarship Award for Student Physical Therapists

OPTA student member Tabitha Galindo has been selected by APTA's Board of Directors to receive the Mary McMillan Scholarship Award for Student Physical Therapists.  Tabitha has been very involved in OPTA student leadership as well as the PT Day of Service. She has also taken an active role in our Membership committee.  Tabitha will be recognized at the Honors and Awards Ceremony at the NEXT Conference and Exposition in Chicago, Illinois in June. Congratulations Tabitha!


OPTA Member to Speak at the Harvard Business School Dynamic Women in Business Conference

OPTA member Carol-Ann Nelson, PT, DPT, Current OPTA Vice-President, will be presenting at the Harvard Business School Dynamic Women in Business Conference on February 23, 2019 on "Diversity in the Great Outdoors".   Click here for more information.


OPTA National Speakers and Award Winners at CSM 2019

CSM presentations from our members reached an audience of over 16,000 physical therapists and physical therapist assistants across a range of topics, including promoting scholarship, applying clinical outcomes to practice, advancing approaches in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention, and meaningful clinical workforce preparation.
  • Mike Billings, speaker, Health Policy & Administration
  • Erin Bompiani, speaker, Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Jason Brumitt, speaker, Sports Physical Therapy Section
  • Derek Fenwick, speaker, Health Policy & Administration
  • Susan Gilio, award winner, Section on Women’s Health
  • Fay Horak, speaker, Section on Research
  • Jeff Houck, speaker, Section on Research, Health & Policy Administration
  • Sandi Gallagher, award winner, Section on Women’s Health
  • Talina Corvus-Marshall, award winner, Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy
  • Scot Morrison, speaker, Sports Physical Therapy Section
  • Amanda Olson, award winner, Section on Women’s Health
  • Megan Roos, speaker, Health Policy & Administration
Click Here to submit a CSM 2020 Proposal

Talina Corvus, PT, DPT selected as a 2019 award recipient of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy in the Adopt-A-Doc category!

Congratulations Talina!


Congratulations to the 2019 OPTA Emerging Student Leader Award Recipients!

SPT  - Ryann Lewis

SPTA - Emily Barron



A survey of physical therapists’ attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors regarding diagnostic imaging

Thank you for your interest in our study.

This survey is sponsored by the Imaging Special Interest Group of the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy.
The purpose of this survey is to understand physical therapists’ attitude, knowledge, use, and ordering of diagnostic imaging related to their practice.

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You may refuse to take part in the research or exit the survey at any time without penalty. You are free to decline to answer any particular question you do not wish to answer for any reason. All your responses will be confidential.

This study has been ruled exempt by the University of Washington Human Subjects Division.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sean Rundell, DPT, PhD ([email protected]) and George J Beneck, PT, PhD, OCS, KEMG ([email protected])

By clicking on the survey link you indicate that:

  • This study has been explained to you, and you have read and understood the above information.
  • You volunteer to take part in this research
  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You are licensed as a physical therapist in the United States

Thank you for your time.



APTA Awards Submissions Being Accepted NOW!

APTA is currently accepting awards submissions for the Outstanding Physical Therapist Assistant Award and the Outstanding Physical Therapist / Physical Therapist Assistant Team Awards.

 The Outstanding Physical Therapist Assistant Award recognizes a physical therapist assistant who has provided clinical services for a minimum of 5 years. This award honors  individual achievements in the areas of patient care, community service, and commitment toward the profession and association.

 The Outstanding Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant Team Award honors professionals who have individually provided clinical service for a minimum of 5 years, and have positively affected the quality of physical therapy through their combined teamwork during a period of at least 3 years. This award recognizes a PT/PTA team whose positive work has contributed to the delivery of high-quality physical therapist services.

The application process is now closed.



OPTA Participates in the 2018 PT Day of Service



Bethany Lukens Selected as 2018 Recipient of the APTA Emerging Leader Award!
The APTA Emerging Leader Award was established to annually honor individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary service to the profession and APTA early in their careers.  Bethany was recognized by the local Oregon Chapter as an individual who has made exceptional overall accomplishments and contributions to the Association, the chapter, and to the physical therapy profession.  Thank you for all your efforts Bethany!


Congratulations to OPTA's Adama Sanou!
On April 4, 2018, APTA announced its 2018 Honors and Awards Program recipients, and Adama Sanou, SPTA, was selected by the APTA's Board of Directors to receive the Minority Scholarship Award for Student Physical Therapist Assistants.  Great job on your achievement Adama!


OPTA's Keaton Ray Discusses Igniting Speech at NSC 2017 in Oregon

OPTA Awarded National Grant To Advance Quality Of Life And Evidence Based Practice For Seniors Living With Arthritis

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACCD) selected OPTA as one of three national grant recipients to increase awareness and implementation of the Walk With Ease (WWE) self-directed intervention program for arthritis management. OPTA expects to reach out to and enroll over 400 seniors from a variety of independent community and supported care settings in WWE in 2018.

“This grant will support a strong collaboration between physical therapists, health systems, community programs, and residential centers that will assist in improving the quality of life for older adults affected by joint pain and arthritis”, says Jose L. Reyna, PT, DPT, principal OPTA grantee.

Coordinated efforts with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Oregon Arthritis Program, Pacific University’s School of Physical Therapy, and Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Services’ Walk With Ease program is expected to improve physical therapist and primary care awareness of the WWE program. “The NACDD grant will help the OPTA and state agencies to assess strengths and collaborative opportunities for advancing WWE outreach and implementation, and create a sustainability plan for ongoing access, resources, and funding”, says Reyna. “Ultimately, OPTA, OHA and OSU want to advance best practices to improve mobility and the quality of life for seniors affected by arthritis, and the NACCD grant provides us the funding to make positive changes in our community’s health awareness.”

To get involved contact OPTA member Jose Reyna, DPT, PT at [email protected]