Oregon Pain Summit

Mark your calendars and sign up today for the 2021 Oregon Pain Summit!

The Oregon Pain Summit 2021 features Lorimer Moseley, Kevin Cuccaro, Linda Crawford, Shelly Prosko, Joletta Belton and several other outstanding local and national voices.  It takes place January 22nd, 2021-January 23, 2021.  This year’s Summit will be virtual and remains 100% patient facilitated.  The theme for OPS 2021 is “Pain, Compassion & the Clinician” and includes a vastly diverse range of speakers and audience members. 

Topics include: “Protection, Construction & Pain”, “Societal Pain and it’s Connection to Social Justice”, “Stories Behind the Studies.  From the Clinic to the Lab”, “Transforming Society by Optimizing Movement”, “Neurotags, DIMs and SIMs – the Brain Science of Contemporary Pain Care”, “Compassion: the Foundation of Pain Care”, “Primary Care Providers’ Perspective on the Science of Pain”, “Evolutionary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Pain”, “Educating Through Lived Experiences”, “Pain Centric Practice Real Time”,  “Misconceptions, Mismatched Models & Pain Care”

OPS has been and remains grass roots organized with the ultimate goal of empowering clinicians and patients alike.  Despite our growing footprint we remain focused on demonstrating how the science of pain can change our community for the better—our conference implicitly and explicitly reflects the message that conference participants can turn knowledge into action.

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OPS 2021 is the third rendition and we really look forward to seeing you and your there!
--Oregon Pain Summit 2021 Organizing Committee