President's Message - September 2019

Christina Howard, PT, MPT 

Physical Therapy Month is just around the corner, and we are celebrating with several initiatives that promise to make a lasting impact on our work.

We’re launching our inaugural newsletter for all licensees in Oregon! The newsletter is an excellent opportunity for us to share valuable information and opportunities and recognize colleagues who advance our profession. We will share how our association is working on behalf of all physical therapy providers to make meaningful changes in health policy, practices, and professional leadership. Imagine what we could do if all licensees were members of our chapter. Or contributed to our Oregon PT-PAC? Now is the time to inspire others and recognize and honor your colleagues and mentors to an audience of over 6,000 Oregon PT providers who will receive our newsletter.

Join us for our Fall Workshop as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the PTA! Not only are we having a party, but we’ve also got programming that will advance your skills in leadership, cultural competency, and payment advocacy. It also marks the first day of our 2020 elections, and I’m thrilled that we have such a robust group who have pledged a willingness to serve in our chapter. Please be sure to review all the candidate statements and show your support for those willing to step forward by casting your vote.

October is when we celebrate global PT Day of Service (PTDOS). OPTA is a proud bronze sponsor for this event, and we plan to continue our service for people who are unhoused in Portland during Night Strike on October 10th (Sign up here!). Additional service events are encouraged, and for more information on how you can pledge to participate, visit APTA's website.

Finally, we are participating in APTA’s “Member Get a Member” program, starting in October. OPTA members who recruit at least one member are eligible for a monthly drawing for free membership dues. That’s right! For every member you refer who joins APTA and the Oregon chapter, you have a chance to get your annual dues waived by the chapter. You are our best messenger for the value of belonging to OPTA, and you can genuinely help by engaging in grassroots efforts to meet our mission.

In service,

Christina Howard, PT, MPT
OPTA President


President's Message - April 2019

Christina Howard, PT, MPT 

As part of our strategic plan, we identified the importance of recognizing our members for the great work they do in their communities and on behalf of physical therapy. I’m proud to share that thanks to the leadership of our Vice President, Carol-Ann Nelson, we achieved our goal and developed regional awards recognizing members from across the state for their contributions and service.

If you nominated a colleague for an award, thank you. If you answered the call during the annual conference to share a name and brief information about a colleague who is doing great work in their community and should be recognized, thank you. Because of your willingness to take time and reflect on those around you who model commitment and service to our profession, we have a growing list of engaged members and prospective members and have learned about their contributions to our collective work. Your “one name” contribution has allowed OPTA to strengthen its efforts to develop strategies and opportunities to nurture strong relationships with each other.

That fills my bucket. Let’s build on this momentum.

May is membership month and I have another quick ask.  Do one thing to help grow OPTA’s membership by engaging with a prospective member and inviting them to join. Share how OPTA is a place for promoting advocacy, professional and leadership development, and forging meaningful lasting relationships. How can you do one thing? It’s easier than ever:

Participate in our annual Membership Drive – We provide everything you need!

  • Meet at OPTA headquarters on May 9th, 4:00pm-8:00pm, for as much time as you can offer and help reach out to prospective and lapsed members
  • Contact people your home district from the comfort of your home or office using scripts and lists provided by OPTA Membership
  • Contact our Membership chair, Colbie Jorgensen, to learn more about current and future opportunities to support ways to grow OPTA.

Share OPTA happenings

  • Forward the online PTLog to a colleague and highlight one article or event you think reflects their interest
  • Post information about OPTA PT Ed Talks at your clinical sites and highlight the reduced costs for members
  • Share posts from our Facebook page with a tag line of why you value being a member and invite others to join

Spring showers bring May flowers and we’ve got lots of buckets to fill. Let’s see what we can grow!

Christina Howard, PT, MPT